Practice Areas

Corporate Transactions

Commercial transactions are the core of the global economy. It is pertinent to cut costs by reducing risks in your business transactions, making appropriate decisions in conformity with the legal regime and ensuring an efficient debt recovery system. All this can be achieved only when you have a team of competent, experienced, dedicated and organized professionals who will stand in at all times to offer you necessary advice that is needed. We at Tropical Law Advocates have all that you are looking for.

As a result of the bulk cooperate transactions, we have opened a fully fledged department to cater for the ever growing consultancies in this area. You are comfortable letting us offer you all the legal solutions you need in your business.

Our dedicated team currently offers legal advice to financial institutions, industries, associations and individuals. This broad exposure has overtime enabled us develop competence and accorded us the much needed experience to offer you quality services. Our practice in the area of commercial transactions encompasses the full range of commercial legal services required by local and multinational corporate entities.